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Tensile Membrane Wind Rated Structures Can be divided up into the following Categories
The structures we offer are divided into eight main categories:
  1. Standard Tensile Membrane Structures - Structures we have made historically and can be quickly produced
  2. Custom Tensile Membrane Structures - Structures design for a specific site
  3. Sail Tensile Membrane Structures - Structures that take the shape of a ships sail
  4. Rampant Arch Structures - Structure typically attached to the building along one edge and supported on column along the other edge
  5. Thermoflex Membrane Structures - Structures made from our exclusive waterproof stretch membrane
  6. Parasol Umbrellas - Free standing canvas umbrellas
  7. Retractable Pergolas - Automated and Manual designs
  8. Cantilever Bird Structures
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