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In Demand Drawing Office – shade cloth twist sail – Engineers Calculations

  • This documents is generic for most of our standard structures both in architectural PVC as well as shade cloth.

  • We have a spread sheet where we simply type in the size, heights, wind load and then we can chose from a drop down of steel specs to ensure the structure is structurally sound.

  • If we select a size, height, wind load or steel spec that does not comply wit the wind loading strength it will show FAIL and a red box will appear instead of a green box.

  • You will see that the USER INPUTS are all we need to work on to achieve a structurally sound structure base on the above criteria.

  • From this we are able produce the Wind Load Certificate.  We take into account all the variables that are on the certificate terrain, category, shielding, topography, altitude etc.


Wind Load Certificate

This shows what steel specifications you need to use based on size, height, wind speed, terrain, shielding, topography and altitude.

Basically the converter simply reads off the chart and then determines whether they use steel spec for structure A, B or C and D etc.


































                                     View Wind Load on the Membrane


Recent Project - cantilever shade sails





















































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IDO Four Post Hypar Engineering designs
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