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Parasol umbrella centre post
Laguna 2.6x2.6m Square
Laguna Hex parasol umbrella
Laguna Square Parasol Umbrella
Centre Post Hex Umbrella
Centre Post Square Umbrella
Centre Post 2.6m Hex
Centre Post 3.2x3.2m Square
Canvas Umbrellas
Centre Post Branded Umbrella
Canvas Umbrellas
Laguna Cantilever Hex Umbrella
Laguna Square Umbrella Parasol
Centre Post Square Umbrella Branded
Centre Post Square Umbrella Branded
Aluminium Parasol/Umbrellas

At In Demand Trading (Pty) Ltd we offer a range of aluminium umbrellas with either Acrylic Canvas or Polyester Canvas membranes.  We offer a range of Centre Post Square Umbrellas and Centre Post Oct Umbrellas.  If you prefer space under the umbrellas we offer a range of Laguna Cantilever Umbrellas in both Square and Octagonal shape.

Our high end centre post square shaded umbrellas and our Octagonal shaped umbrella both have 8 off aluminium arms to ensure the canvas is correctly tensioned and to assist with the structural integrity of the umbrella.  Our Laguna tensioning system is a lever system and not a fragile gear box system.  Warrantee on the membranes is 2 years.  Canvases can be branded as required.

Laguna Square
2 500 x 2 500 mm 
3 000 x 3 000 mm

Laguna Octagonal
3 000 x 3 000 mm 
3 200 x 3 200 mm
3 500 x 3 500 mm
Centre Post Hexagonal
 3 000 x 3 000 mm 


Centre Post Square
2 000 x 2 000 mm
2 000 x 2 000 mm 
3 000 x 3 000 mm 

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Cedarbrook Proof
Proof - Solution dyed and UV stabalised outdoor fabric
Viking Canvas
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