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Engineering calculations
We can offer you finite element analysis on the structures or full engineering calculations on any of the structures we design should you so require.  To download the brochure  (click here)
Kit Structures
Standard Tensile Membrane Structures can be purchased in kit form and you can make arrangements for the installation to be done by an installer of your choice or you can choose from one of our trained and approved installers (click here)
Visit our online store to purchase kit form structure or the drawings to manufacture your own structures (click here) or
For clients that are in an associated industry to ours we offer access for our wide range of standard designs. 
We offer you the choice of purchasing: (click here)
  1. Frames, nuts and bots and all hardware ready made to the colour of your choice
  2. Membranes fabricated to a colour of your choice based on the limitations of the membrane manufacturer
  3. Fabrication drawings so you can fabricate the steel structure and purchase the membranes from us
Group of Companies
We have as number of associated companies within our group of companies that offer a wide range of products and services:
  • Gourmet-to-go - Mobile Restaurants, Trailer Restaurants, Container Restaurants, Tensile Bars and Restaurants, full turnkey restaurant design (click here)
  • In Demand Marketing - Furniture and Parasol Umbrellas (click here)
  • Dynatex MF290 - Shadecloth made to be digitally printed (click here)
  • Dynatex S650 - Printable waterproof stretch fabric (click here)
  • Dynatex S650 - How to become and agent and expand your business into semi-permanent structures (click here)
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