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Sail Structures

Click on the image to download the Sail Brochure

Sail structures are 3 dimensional membranes spanned between buildings and or columns.  They have a 3D shade to allow for water runoff.  Sail structures have to maintain even tension around the perimeter and the body of the membrane at all times and under all weather conditions.   Patterning and understanding the nature of how each membrane works is critical in producing a stable and secure structure.


Sail structures can be made from Ferrari architectural PVC, Dynatex S650 stretch fabrics or shadecloth.

Sail structures take a natural organic shape.  We use only stainless steel cables and stainless steel fittings on Ferrari architectural PVC structures.  Sail structure have sail plates to allow for the strengthening of corners and cables running around the perimeter of the fabric to ensure we can achieve the correct tension required in the body and the edges of the membrane.


At In Demand Trading (Pty) Ltd Sail Structures are wind rated to 120 km/h unless otherwise requested or specified.


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