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Bird Collection, like a blank canvas it's up to you how you want to paint it...

We call upon designers, architects and brand managers to use the membrane of the 4 000 x 4 000mm Bird Structures to express themselves and add a new unique look and feel to restaurants.
You come up with the designs and we will advise whether we believe the best results can be achieved by painting directly onto the membrane, screen printing, digital print or kiss cut vinyl decals.  
Design issues?
• Clients want access to increased innovation through existing and new designs while reducing the time to market.
• Clients want the benefits of Digital Prototyping, but are worried about the cost and investments required for the design work.
• Designers need to optimize product performance and make accurate design decisions without building physical prototypes.
• Your sales teams require rapid creation of production-ready drawings.
• Your sales team cannot easily locate and reuse designs.
• Layout and conceptual designs take too long to develop.
• Designing new innovative products is complex and expensive.
• R&D is often inaccurate and costly.

Dynatex MF290
It has taken 8 long years to develop the Dynatex MF 290 Multi-filament fabric.  Dynatex MF 290 is knitted fabric and behaves very much like a premium quality shade cloth. The main advantage being that you can digitally print Dynatex MF 290 without pre-treating the fabric.
In Demand Trading (Pty) Ltd makes use of a 5m wide UV drying digital printer to ensure accuracy in colour and quality of print.
Dynatex MF 290 Description Dynatex MF290 exhibits high tenacity, low elongation properties from yarn that is fire retardant, UV resistant and yarns that are completely inert and highly resistant to acids and alkali, yarns that are digitally printable and can be hot extrusion coated
or laminated on, without any pre treatment required.

Dynatex MF 290 weights 308 grams per square metre but has the tensile strength of fabric 30% heavier than itself.

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