In Demand Trading (Pty) Ltd
We have the necessary infrastructure and technology to manage the simplest of tensile structures to the most complex of structures. In Demand Trading (Pty) Ltd can offer you tensile structures using architectural PVC imported from Ferrari (France), Thermoflex Dynatex S650 stretch fabrics as well as customised dynamic shade structures made from our exclusive Dynatex Mf290
100% digitally printable shade fabrics.

No project is too large or to small. We offer a wide range of standard structures along with a design and engineering department that can assist in creating the most dynamic of structures.
Structural analysis of a product is an iterative process. Our project engineer creates a discrete geometric model based on the
designer's inputs and by using tensile wind load analysis software tools. Our project engineer then validates the products based
on the simulation results. After optimization, the product design is again assessed to ensure the product will withstand the
desired wind loads.

A 100% 3D model is generated with all the steel, plates, cables, nuts and bolts and is then analysed using our software. We
generate a full wind load response video as well as detailed Finite Element Analysis Report. The model is an intelligent model
which allows up to simply adjust the steel specifications in order to achieve the most economical structures that can withstand
the wind load we wish to apply. Our project engineer is able to extrapolate based in terrain, shielding, air pressure (altitude) etc
to ensure the most economical structure is offered for the desired wind load, location or market.


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